More about Eva Bogner

More about Eva Bogner
08/01/2017 Eva Bogner

I was born in autumn 1957 in Vienna as a child of Marianne and Kurt Bogner. I grew up in the city and visited my grandparents in the countryside where I also spent my holidays. This is where I developed my love and respect for nature. I remembered it while accompanying my three now grown children. We roamed the pristine scenery of the Waldviertel along the Kamptal and botanized.

In 2004 I had time and leisure to think over my life and dreams whilst walking on the Austrian St. James’s Way. On Sunrise every morning an issue appeared, that I would deal with during the day. Then came the day when I realized that I needed help to cope with the experience.
By chance there was a presentation on Vision Quests where I did Yoga. Ever since then Vision Quest became part of my life. In 2012, I completed my training as an instructor for vision quest during a longer stay in California. I attended the monthly training at the School of Lost Borders to reinforce my knowledge. Here I met an expert on the tradition of the Council and got to know her working methods.

After a sabbatical with an impressive trip to Hawaii, I returned to my professional life in the economy. I had started there as a bank employee after the maturity exams. I then worked as a branch manager for several years before I went to strategic marketing at the headquarters.
My activity had gradually shifted from a bank clerk to the field of personnel development. Here I trained and coached executives for change management, leadership and management.

I did various strategic projects and I recognized my talent, to accompany people with tools from Systemic Coaching.

In 2012, the time had come to turn my newly discovered talent into my profession. So I founded the management consultant services VICOCO, standing for vision, coaching and consulting.

In all the years of transition to a new phase of life I drew on the resource of Intuitive Painting, which I had learned in Switzerland and in Vienna.

These pictures remind me over and over again of living my talents, strength and diversity.

Now, by the various VICOCO offers, I put all my talents at your service. I hope that many people from the private and entrepreneurial area will get to know and appreciate nature as a tool of development and leadership.

In great gratitude to my teachers!