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Introduction lectures

My lectures in spring and autumn 2019 I will give an overview of Vision Work including experience reports and a preview on 2018 Vision Quest.

Next dates

Date: Friday, 22.03.2019
Start: 07.00 pm
End: 08.00 pm
Address: 2115 Ernstbrunn

Dialog Circle

Dialog Circle is a circular form of communication focusing on self-awareness and awareness for the person who speaks. This will permit to reach a deeper level of reflection within a short time. Many will be encouraged to talk about their fears and worries because the participants will have agreed on confidentiality. Talking will bring relief and make it possible to find a solution.

Next dates:

Topic: Fulfills age

Date: Friday, 29.03.2019
Start: 20.00 pm
End: 20.45 pm
Adress: Online

Afterwork Course

Afterwork courses on specific topics will take place on demand. In these courses small groups will exchange knowledge, exercise it and put it into practice. This will take place within the SMART Format for 2 to 3 hours.

Next dates:

Date: on demand
Start: 05.00 pm
End: 07.30 pm
Address: Vienna

Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge ceremony creates space and time to thank, to ask, to give and to take. We will work together preparing the fire and the sweat lodge. We will sweat and sing together and afterwards we will share our experience with the group. To conclude we will celebrate with a common meal.

Next dates:

Date: on demand
Start: 2.00 pm
End: 11.00 am
Address: Near Korneuburg

Self-reflection Time in the Wilderness

SMART Vision Journey is a self-reflection time in the wilderness of 12 to 24 hours where you will confront your personal questions and issues.

LEADERSHIP Vision Journey includes up to 36 hours of self-reflection time in the wilderness in order to find answers regarding issues of self-guidance and responsibility.

The VICOCO Vision Journey offers 3 to 4 days of self-reflection time in the wilderness where you will confront issues and questions that are essential to you.

Next dates:

Date: 31.08.-9.09.2019
Address: VIS, Croatia

VICOCO Trainings

Within the framework of VICOCO Training (monthly on a Saturday or a Sunday form 10 am to 5 pm) I will teach the theory of the applied methods and support their putting into practice.

Next dates:

Date: Saturday, 30.03.2019
Start: 10.00 am
End: 18.00 pm
Address: A-2115 Ernstbrunn

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