VICOCO stands for Vision, Coaching and Consulting.

I am Eva Bogner, born 1957 in Vienna, approved coach, corporate and organizational consultant with 33 years of experience in economics. Within the framework of my business consultancy VICOCO I support individuals and teams in their further development.

My office is located in the 7th district in Vienna. Particular settings will take place in the nature of Lower Austria, in the Austrian mountains and on a Hawaiian island.

In times of change and transition from one phase of life to the next, I offer my personal experience and specialized tools to foster your successful realignment and its incorporation.

My clients mostly come from corporations and educational organizations. Their concerns include personal or professional issues, for example the transition from staff member to expert or to executive, from a job to one’s true calling or the realignment of life after loss or separation.

My tools belong to the Systemic Business and Core Coaching.

In cases of realignment and transition from one phase of life to the next I refer to the tradition of Vision Work and Vision Journey.

Coaching in personal issues can be booked as QUICK Coaching via telephone or online, in single units and in SMART, PREMIUM or VIP Packages.

A first interview on telephone (about 20 minutes) is free of charge.

The SMART Package includes a position analysis, goal definition and implementation planning of 2 hours.

Subsequently you can book a QUICK Coaching via telephone or online of 45 minutes.

The PREMIUM Package includes 3 coaching units at 1,5 hours each within an agreed time frame.

The VIP Package includes 6 coaching units at 1,5 hours each within an agreed time frame.

My lectures in spring and autumn 2017 in Vienna will give an overview of Vision Work including an experience report and a preview on 2017 and 2018 Vision Journeys.

A monthly DIALOGUE Circle from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on current topics will take place in my office in 1070 Vienna.

BIO SOPHIA Training in the nature as individually supported coaching in personal issues is available on weekdays or on weekends on individual appointment.

A professional support within the framework of SMART Vision Journey can be booked for a couple of hours and up to 24 hours.

A LEADERSHIP Vision Journey includes up to 36 hours of self-reflection time in the wilderness in order to find answers regarding issues of self-guidance and responsibility.

The VICOCO Vision Journey offers 3 to 4 days of self-reflection time in the wilderness where you will confront issues and questions that are essential to you.

During this time you will review your life and you may discover your guiding star. Doing so you will enter wilderness consciously sensing the world of plants, animals and minerals. During this period, memories, new ideas and insights may come up.

Put together, they will be the parts of a story. On your return, the essence of this story will be told and reflected.

This kind of Process Supervision is available on individual appointment in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria.

Within the framework of VICOCO Training (monthly on a Saturday or a Sunday form 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) I will teach the theory of the applied methods and support their implementation.

The VICOCO offers aim at giving orientation for the entirety and quality of life.