Human resources & organizational development

VICOCO Coaching & Consulting for companies reflects the leadership and management skills of managers, executives, experts and talents and creates space for further development. Improved self-awareness creates authentic and resource-oriented communication.

Vision journeys offer an intense confrontation with current professional issues or setting the course in times of radical change – when the old is no more and the new cannot hold yet, vision journeys provide new energy and orientation. Questions in this period may concern confidence, the carrying of responsibility, self-guidance or checking one’s position, cooperation, motivation and finding perspectives.


In Executive Coaching I am at disposal as sparring partner for executives and managers.

With Leadership Coaching I will support junior executives to prepare for their leadership and in the first 100 days of their new responsibility.

With Project Coaching and Change Management I support experts.

With Team Coaching and Council Communication I foster the development of teams.


Business Vision Journey is a self-reflection time in the wilderness of 12-24 hours where you will confront your professional issues.

Leadership Vision Journey is a self-reflection time in the wilderness of 36 hours in order to find answers regarding issues of self-guidance and responsibility.

VICOCO Vision Journey is a self-reflection time in the wilderness of 3-4 days where you will confront issues and questions regarding your professional tasks, your role in the team or in the company.

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Executive Coaching

Executives and managers rarely find a space where they can be all themselves, where they can perceive themselves in all their roles and go through strategies. I provide this space with my experience as a successful top athlete, executive, manager in the economy and Executive Coach.

Leadership Coaching & Beratung

Leadership Coaching & Consulting includes learning, practising and reflecting on self-guidance and leadership. This will be based on the Model of Emotional Intelligence according to which self-awareness and self-management are the preconditions of developing social consciousness and successful relationship management. In Leadership this social aspect is key to successfully implement corporate objectives in management tasks beside dealing with business indicators and strategies.

Projekt Coaching

A successful project depends on many parameters, on the people involved and the resources. As a Project Coach I support and accompany project managers in analysing situations and in finding solutions in order to conclude the project successfully. At the beginning of the coaching the project manager himself defines what the success of a project will be.

Change Management

With Change Management tools we can detect problems in a project, resolve them and find solutions. Change Management is therefore a helpful completion for project coaching.

VICOCO Teamchoaching

VICOCO Team Coaching is best suited to new teams or in cases of change of management. At the beginning I will have an extended initial contracting meeting with the executive or the executive team. We will list the issues you wish to treat, define the goal and time resources of the team coaching.

Council Communication

Council Communication is a circular form of communication focusing on self-awareness and awareness for the person who speaks. This will permit to reach a deeper level of reflection within a short time. Many will be encouraged to talk about their fears and worries because the participants will have agreed on confidentiality. Talking will bring relief and make it possible to find a solution.

Business Vision Journey

Business Vision Journey is a self-reflection time in the wilderness, during which the participant will confront his current professional issues. He will do this all alone, without distraction, fasting and prepared for the possibility of weather. He will sense his surrounding environment, reflections and memories full of emotions will come up, he will encounter animals, plants and trees which might have something to tell. In due time he will return to the group with these experiences. The stories will be told and listened to. The result of the self-reflection time will be brought back and incorporated into everyday life. Answers from nature as a mirror often unfold time after time.

Leadership Vision Journey

Leadership Vision Journey is a self-reflection time in the wilderness over one night where you will confront issues of self-guidance, leadership and responsibility. Nature will mirror the situation and include the answers, for example to the following questions: “Do I enjoy my responsibility?” or “Is my information management perfect?”

VICOCO Vision Journey

VICOCO Vision Journey requests a preparation time of one day spent in the wilderness from sunrise till sunset in order to review ones professional life. Sometimes a symbol for it will show. At the beginning the group of participants will get an introduction and exercises for the self-reflection time. A sentence of intent will be developed which is supposed to support you when you will be alone in the wilderness. This sentence of intent contains the situation of depart and the goal towards which one wishes to develop. On return, the incorporation in everyday life will be prepared by defining first practical steps. Trust, checking the own position, motivation and new perspectives may be topics of interest.